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After sparring with a Federal judge and contender NexPoint Advisors, TICC Capital (TICC) is back and has re-scheduled the Special Shareholder's meeting that will decide if Benefit Street Partners (BSP) will be handed the investment advisory keys, and the current manager a big-if still undisclosed- cheque. We bring the narrative at TICC up to date. First of a two parter.

A brief update on a major development in the ongoing struggle over TICC Capital (TICC). A judge in Connecticut has ruled against NexPoint and demanded more disclosures from the current Board and postponed the Special Shareholder Meeting scheduled for October 27th. This is getting wild, but the stakes are high for both investors and contenders, albeit in different ways.

The seemingly endless struggle over TICC Capital (TICC) continues, with 2 of the contenders-TICC-Benefit Street Partners & TPG Specialty (TSLX) making dramatic arguments about what will happen to shareholders distributions going forward. We seek to sort fact from fiction, and end with a sobering perspective for TICC shareholders that is also relevant to most BDC investors.

Just when we thought the battle for TICC Capital (TICC) was over, two huge developments have put the Company back in play and sent its stock price up 10%. We dissect and discuss the latest developments, and seek to handicap the battle between these asset management heavyweights. Whether TICC shareholders will fully benefit is an open question.

NexPoint, a subsidiary of Highland Capital, launches an unsolicited offer to become TICC Capital's (TICC) new External Manager instead of Benefit Street Partners. Neither contender is telling investors what they need to know, but we're hoping the tussle may shed some light on this strange changing of the guard at TICC.