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It’s the Law Of Unintended Consequences. When we recently upgraded the BDC Reporter and asked everybody to register, we added a new feature as a bonus for those of our readers interested: email notifications. Before you had to navigate to our site to see what was new and notable or wait for the Weekly Newsletter if you’d subscribed. With a new Word Press plug-in we were now able to offer both our free and premium subscribers the opportunity to receive every post in their email in-box and save themselves the trek to The BDC Reporter.

At the same time we’ve been posting both free and premium articles at a rapid clip in an effort to keep our readership informed and justifying our modest emolument.

Result: readers who signed up for email notifications are getting many, many posts from the BDC Reporter in their in-box. Most readers are happy with that. A few are not.

There’s a very easy solution if the BDC Reporter notifications are getting in the way of emails from your Significant Other or fund raising requests from your alma mater or whatever. Just click on your Profile in the top right hand corner of the BDC Reporter front page.

Then you can Edit Your Profile.

Halfway down the page you’ll see an option to receive our Newsletter, or not. Ditto for email notifications. Just say No if that’s your desire.

Then go to the bottom of the page and hit SAVE CHANGES.

You are done and our emails will not darken your inbox again.

If you have any problems write to our Membership Manager at

Now back to pumping out more articles…

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