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We provide some color about the direction of BDC stock prices on a turbulent day, and discuss two stories of interest: Fifth Street Finance's change of heart about stock repurchases and Oxford Lane's disclosure that Taxable Income might be hurt by higher 3 Month LIBOR.Written in a hurry after the market closed.

We take on the subject of BDC stock buybacks, touted in Barron's recently. We review the wide discrepancy between BDC managers enthusiasm for stock repurchases and reality. We end by diagnosing why the BDC sector needs a more viable and longer term solution than buybacks to its current depressed state. Plus, how we are positioned.

Nothing lasts forever, not even BDC Sector stock slumps. As we expected, the record series of day losses across the entire breadth of BDC-land has been followed by an equally broad-based surge upwards in the past two days. As we promised, we've been tweeting about the subject at #bdcreporter. We are writing this after Day Two of the...