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Sports Authority

Friday, July 22, 2016 Sports Authority To Sell Naming Rights The bankrupt sports equipment retailer Sports Authority has just one more asset to sell: naming rights to the Denver Broncos stadium. On Monday a liquidator will be seeking bids for the 5 years remaining on the 10 year contract for the right to be named in Denver. Given the shortened…

Clenched Fist

The BDC Activist reports on new issuance of medium term, unsecured Notes by Alcentra Capital (ABDC) at all-in rates around 6.5%. We question the benefits to shareholders-if any-from issuing this debt capital given the high interest rate paid, the ensuing cost in management and incentive fees and other factors. Part of a general trend in the BDC sector of raising Non Accretive Capital.

BDC Credit Reporter Alert: Zacks says Good News coming from Navistar International regarding quarterly EBITDA and outlook in medium term. May result in better outlook for truck manufacturer whose Subordinated Note exposure by BDCs has been written down by a fifth in latest filings. See Company File for full details.