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BDC Reporter

First, a little history: The BDC Reporter has been published in digital form for nearly 20 years. All along our goal has been to provide readers with up-to-the-minute “News, Views, and Analysis” about the public BDC sector. (We do not cover public BDCs involved primarily in equity investing or any of the non-traded BDCs).  In recent years, this segment of the so-called “private credit” market has grown to over $120bn in assets under management, spread over 42 public BDCs. We also track the now-20 publicly traded unsecured notes (colloquially known as “Baby Bonds”).

There are two ways to access the BDC Reporter. One way is to navigate to the website and read any article or Subscriber Tool marked as Free. Most notably, we write a widely followed weekly BDC Common Stocks Market Recap – published every week-end – which discusses the latest developments in the sector. However, if you have more than a passing interest in things BDC, we suggest you access our plentiful premium content.  This costs only $50 a month and can be canceled from month to month. You register as a subscriber, which takes less than a minute. You will be asked for your credit card information, but every new subscriber receives a 7-day Free Trial.

As a Premium Subscriber you will have full access to the hundreds of articles we offer every year about all the material developments occurring in the BDC sector; and a long list of unique Subscriber Tools – carefully curated BDC data invaluable for research.

What else? There are no ads here, which is always a plus.  Editorially,  we answer to no one and seek to keep our analysis even-handed and the content current. We welcome your questions or comments at any time. Just write to [email protected].


Nicholas Marshi

Nicholas Marshi  is the founder and editor, and the owner of BDC Publications LLC, which publishes the BDC Reporter.

Mr Marshi is also the co-owner and founder of BDC Investment Advisors, LLC (“BDCIA”) – a California-regulated Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in BDC investing. Prior to forming BDCIA,  Mr. Marshi was a founder and principal of Southland Capital Partners (“SCP”), a Los Angeles based private equity firm. SCP was established in 1998 in Los Angeles, in order to acquire controlling interests in middle market companies in the Southern California region. SCP acquired several companies in a wide range of industries, one of which remains active. Prior to forming SCP, Mr. Marshi managed Kensington Capital Corporation (“KCC”), another private-equity investment firm, with a similar focus. In addition, Mr. Marshi was the head of the Los Angeles office of Kleinwort Benson, a British merchant bank, from 1987-1990 and was involved in leading investment banking, lending and principal investing activities. Before joining Kleinwort’s Mr. Marshi held various positions with Citibank at locations worldwide including Athens, Dubai, Puerto Rico and London.

Mr. Marshi is a graduate of Tufts University (B.A.) and Harvard University (M.A.).