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Do you have questions about what’s happening in the BDC sector, or about one or more the public players that we track or about publicly traded Baby Bonds and want your answers quickly ? The BDC Reporter offers a telephone consultancy for anyone interested – whether a subscriber or not.

The set-up is pretty straightforward. You set up a mutually agreeable to talk using – a great service for experts to offer consultancy advice. Here’s how:

Here is a screenshot of the BDC Reporter’s contact page. The cost is modest : $100 an hour, or just $1.67 a minute but you pay only for time spent.

Remember, we do not offer specific investment advice – “Buy this, sell that” – but are happy to share whatever we know about the BDC sector that might be of use to you. If we can’t be of help we’ll know you know up front. The BDC Reporter telephone consultancy is an excellent way to find out what you want about the BDC sector and to get a second opinion from a twenty year veteran of the sector. Just click “Request A Call Below”.