Now the would External Managers and/or owners of TICC Capital have made their initial bids for the Company, the time has arrived for mutual mud slinging. We review the latest developments, but come away still undecided, despite the debate underway by dint of press releases.

Just when we thought the battle for TICC Capital (TICC) was over, two huge developments have put the Company back in play and sent its stock price up 10%. We dissect and discuss the latest developments, and seek to handicap the battle between these asset management heavyweights. Whether TICC shareholders will fully benefit is an open question.

We provide some color about the direction of BDC stock prices on a turbulent day, and discuss two stories of interest: Fifth Street Finance's change of heart about stock repurchases and Oxford Lane's disclosure that Taxable Income might be hurt by higher 3 Month LIBOR.Written in a hurry after the market closed.

NexPoint, a subsidiary of Highland Capital, launches an unsolicited offer to become TICC Capital's (TICC) new External Manager instead of Benefit Street Partners. Neither contender is telling investors what they need to know, but we're hoping the tussle may shed some light on this strange changing of the guard at TICC.