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BDC Daily News: Changing The Format

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With the onset of earnings season, the BDC Reporter has realized that we don’t have the bandwidth to review and comment on every development and every document that comes along. Above is the list printed out from our Alpha-Sense subscription which shows just the results for one day by and about the 45 public BDCs we track.  No less than 9 different BDCs are featured and many more documents, although sometimes duplicative (a press release and a filing about the issuance of a press release !). So, for the moment, we’re going to offer up our list daily for anybody who wants to be sure they’ve got a comprehensive view of what new documents have come out.

Then we’ll pick one topic a day to delve into from the latest developments, and explain why that’s the most important. As we’ve been doing, the BDC Reporter will offer timely insights and research – written on the fly – about the subjects that really move individual stocks and the BDC sector. Have no doubt that we will still be reading every document, and that will inform our topic selection and our writing. Moreover, if we have the time and other issues deserve the full treatment,  we’ll be posting additional articles once the BDC News Of The Day has been completed and circulated.

We’ll be starting from Friday May 5th. In the interim, we’ve got a boatload of reading still to do…


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