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BDC Daily News Table: A New Subscriber Feature

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New Feature

We are always looking for ways to improve our coverage of the BDC Sector for both our own purposes and our readers. Of late, we’ve been building a huge table that lists EVERY daily development at EVERY public BDC that we’ve been able to identify. Essentially, the list reflects all the material we read every morning and night – typically drawn from a pre-determined Search function in Alpha-Sense , which scours the public record for any mention of the 46 BDCs in our universe – minus all the duplicates.  The goal is to capture every press release, news story, SEC filing, company presentation, insider transaction, etc. From this pool we pick the BDC News Of The Day, usually plumping looking for the development that’s most likely to move a BDC’s stock the most, and then adding our Analysis and Views.

Another Day. Another Table.

We’ve organized all these developments into what we are calling – with a striking lack of originality – our BDC Daily News Table. On a chronological basis, we list a headline summary of every story, mention the BDC involved by ticker and provide a link for readers interested in reading  the source materials. Now our readers can scan through most everything that has happened in the public record to public BDCs in a few minutes. If the item is relatively short, we add the notation “Read Note” and you can  get the content without needing to go to the link. Just hover and voila !

Of course, we’ve not stopped there. If we’ve written about the development in a News Of The Day article we’ve marked the fact with an X and created a link to the post, to simplify searching in what is becoming an ever larger archive.

Further Comment

We enjoy a close relationship with Seeking Alpha – who we’ve been contributing to for a decade – and sometimes write brief notes about the stories we’re covering. It’s a way to contribute to any ongoing BDC debate and a shameless attempt to attract more subscribers. Where we’ve made a point or two,  X again marks the spot in our table and we include a link if you’re interested in seeing what we’ve written. Look for the column called “SA Comments”.

“New” News

As an investor – and as the BDC Reporter – we track every development in the sector because we believe it’s critical to have a full and timely picture of what’s happening at every BDC to make the right investment decisions. Every new piece of information advances our understanding. So, we’ve added a column which spells out in the Comments section (just hover over the appropriate box) a summary of  what information has been added to our body of knowledge in whatever news story we’re covering. Again, a reader in a few seconds can review all the latest facts and figures that we’ve just been apprised of. That’s the “New Info” column.

Making A Difference

However, to differentiate what is news and what is news worthy – and it’s a subjective item – we’ve added another column called “Market Moving?”. Therein we seek to define how – if at all – the new information might cause a BDC’s stock or debt to be affected. As before, we seek to sum up our view in the Comments section.


The BDC Daily News Table, which we began systematically compiling on the random date of September 12, 2017,  will be updated immediately whenever a new item pops up on our radar screen, and added to every News Of The Day.

Now For The Speech

With the combination of the BDC News Of The Day and the News Table, the BDC Reporter can emphatically stake its claim to provide the most  comprehensive coverage of the ever growing and ever more complex public BDC sector.  We want to emphasize “comprehensive”  because no other source gathers up ALL the BDC developments. We undertook a brief analysis of the 50+ stories in the BDC News Table since we began September 12 and found that a quarter of the items did not even get listed in financial publications like Seeking Alpha or news aggregators like Google Finance or Yahoo Finance. Without the BDC Reporter, it’s easy for key news items to slip by you. Even more importantly, when we looked at the thirteen in-depth News Of The Day articles we’ve written in the last three weeks, we couldn’t find nary anyone else who’d bothered to tackle such important subjects as the new activist challenge at MVC Capital or the approaching launch of a new public BDC behemoth from KKR or the impact on four BDCs of an auto supplier, or the issuance of three new fixed income issues within the matter of a few days. Finally, we’d like to remind our readers that we make every effort to complete our BDC review as promptly as humanly possible. We can never move as fast Mr Market, but we can – and do – seek to follow close in his wake dispensing facts, figures and opinions which should help BDC investors in a myriad number of ways. With all that self congratulation done, we’re open to any suggestions our readers may have to make News Of The Day even better. Just write to 

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