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BDC Reporter: IQ 2020 BDC Earnings Review – Upcoming Webinar Open To All

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The BDC Reporter has been invited by the Active Investment Company Alliance to be one of the featured speakers on a webinar to be held June 11, 2020 at 2 p.m. EST.

We will discussing the just completed BDC IQ 2020 earnings season and the impact of Covid-19:

“We will cover the impact on nest asset value, (NAV) and net investment income (NII) as well as trends in loans on non-accrual and the fair market value of BDC loans. We will look at how different funds addressed the current challenges from COVID-19 and what trends we expect to see in the 2Q20 earnings season later this summer. We will have 25 minutes of prepared questions and commentary and then open up to pre-submitted and live Q&A”.

The webinar is free and open to all.

Here is the Registration Form.

There’s even room to add a question or two in advance because the Alliance intends to leave plenty of time for Q & A.

Here’s a link to the list of speakers – including us – and their respective biographies.

We’re looking forward to participating and have a slew of contributions to make. These include:

The most reassuring development  to come out of the March market melt-down

The biggest surprise to come out of BDC earnings season

What we will learn from the IIQ earnings results that we did not in the IQ

And more…

Also interesting will be the views of the other participants who all offer up different perspectives.

There’s going to be plenty to chew on and any questions you might want to offer up will only improve the debate.

We hope you’ll attend this webinar from your place of work or from home.


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