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BDC News Feed: Week In Review – New Feature

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The BDC Reporter self imposed mandate is to read every press release, every filing and every communication emanating from the 46 public BDCs we follow.

From the smallest to the largest player and everyone in-between, we aim to review everything before selecting the most market moving items to be the subject of feature articles.

We like to believe this encyclopedic coverage allows us to speak authoritatively about every individual BDC, as well as the sector as a whole.

The fact that we’ve been doing so for over a decade,  in one format or another,  provides us a historical context that makes our commentary resonate the more.

However, we’ve struggled to share with our readers all the different content that we read and sort through every day.

As you’d expect, there are a great deal of items of no interest to anyone or of very marginal importance and not worth mentioning.

You’ll be glad to know, those we will continue to exclude going forward. 

However, there are legitimate news developments that don’t require an in-depth article, but are important to the shareholders of the BDCs involved and – potentially – to readers more generally.

Some of these stories we link to on the current BDC News Feed, which is driven through Twitter and we add – subject to that famous 280 character limit – what analysis and commentary we can. 

Most of the time, the space constraints are too great and we worry that some notable developments – and the BDC Reporter’s attempts to illuminate – are getting lost.

As a result, we’re adding a new format using, which allows us to capture new stories and add “news,views and analysis” throughout the business day.

The amount of space for the BDC Reporter’s contribution is far greater than on Twitter but less than in an article.

For the moment, we’ll be publishing these annotated news stories of essentially everything that happened of note at week’s end, called the BDC News Feed: Week In Review.

This will provide readers with a useful reminder of all the week’s activities in the BDC sector, and is intended as a companion piece to the BDC Common Stock Market Recap.

However, for readers who just can’t wait till the week-end, we’ll also be publishing the BDC News Feed in the Subscriber Tools section, which will be updated as soon as we’ve got something helpful to say.

Now our readers – between the News Feed and the Feature Articles – will have access to the BDC Reporter’s analysis and commentary on every BDC development in almost real-time. 

As always, we see our role as providing the benefit of some “fast draw” financial analysis and a second opinion for our readers to weigh against their own, as well as identifying developments that might not have received much attention elsewhere.

Nor are we done.

Coming soon, we’ll be offering individual BDC News Feed pages where – with one click – readers will be able to read – in reverse chronological order – about every development and the BDC Reporter’s take thereon.

We hope that this will be the “go to” resource for any reader seeking to ensure that they’ve covered all the bases about their BDC of choice, whether as investor, investment banker, regulator or competitor.

We’ll be including credit developments from the BDC Credit Reporter as well so that no stone is left unturned.

The BDC Reporter – quarantined and always seeking new challenges – is already hard at work on that new feature which will dovetail with the BDC News Feed. 

Anyway – and with all that said – here is the first edition of the BDC News Feed : Week In Review. 

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