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Last Sunday – October 2, 2022 – as the BDC Reporter was about to publish our weekly BDC Common Stocks Market Recap article, the gremlins caused our website to crash. We could not access anything, and were unable to get the word out to our subscribers.


We offer our sincere apologies to our subscribers for this unfortunate black-out. Please know that we are working not only on resuming publication but also coming up with a longer term solution to ensure this does not happen again. That might involve moving to a different publishing platform, but that should be invisible to our readers. Several website specialists are helping us to get this show back on the road and stay there.


We’ll shortly be publishing – with only a few days delay – the BDC Common Stocks Market Recap article, which will be followed by coverage of other developments – most notably the surprise sale of First Eagle Alternative Credit (FCRD) to Crescent Capital BDC (CCAP). The universe of public BDC players continues to shrink while assets under management balloon.


We’ve already updated in Subscriber Tools the BDC Fixed Income Table, and are about to input Saratoga Investment’s (SAR) latest credit metrics into the BDC Credit Table – still the only resource which tracks from quarter to quarter the number and value of underperforming and non performing assets at every public player.


We’ll also be publishing a Credit Review article for SAR once we’ve digested the BDC’s latest conference call. Our review of SAR’s latest 10-Q – and its 51 portfolio companies and two financial vehicles- has been encouraging in the face of all those gloomy headlines about the state of the economy.


Again, we are sorry for the interruption. We take publishing the BDC Reporter – and continuing our wall to wall coverage of the BDC sector – very seriously. Now we can get back to burning the candle at both ends as the BDC industry is just weeks away from a very important third quarter reporting season. We have been down, and then a little way up of late and most anything could happen next. We hope, though, there’ll be no more gremlins.

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