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FranConnect, LLC

Franchising Services

"FranConnect’s franchise management software enables you to more effectively manage your franchise system, so you can focus on developing and delivering superior products and services. More than 600 franchisors and 110,000 locations rely on FranConnect to grow the number of units and make them more successful. Only FranConnect Sky software comes with Franchising Built-InTM – exclusive functionality and best-practices for the entire franchise lifecycle, so so franchisors can more effectively manage, track and run their business. FranConnect, a Serent Capital portfolio company, is the leading provider of technology and service solutions to franchise and multi-location business operations. Through its products and services, FranConnect works with over 600 brands and 110,000+ franchise locations across the country. With a track record of both growth and innovation, FranConnect has emerged into a leading software and service provider across a variety of functions. FranConnect continues forward as an industry leader, most recently acquiring ProcessPeak, another leading player in several areas of franchise sales management and local marketing. FranConnect is a portfolio company of Serent Capital, a San Francisco-based growth investment firm that partners with founder-led technology software and services businesses around the US to drive top-line performance. With over 15 portfolio companies, Serent Capital has demonstrated a meaningful track record of success with >30% annual growth across the portfolio. Serent is committed to recruiting and investing behind great talent in the portfolio as the key driver of success in any business." From Linked In

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