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Oaktree Medical Centre, P.C.

Pain Management Associates.
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Pain management clinics

"Pain Management Associates (PMA), is a specialty group, with locations in South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.With our Board Certified Pain Physicians, we can offer patients a total solution for Pain Management."
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BDC Credit Reporter View

There is only one BDC with exposure to the Company. Fidus Investment (FDUS) initiated a relationship in 2014 with $5.9mn in Term debt and Revolver. Over the years, total exposure has increased to $9mn, and the original 2019 maturity brought forward to 2018, between two Term Loans at different rates and the Revolver. Fidus has been writing down the exposure since IVQ 2014, but the write-down has increased in 2016, with the main Term Loan down 16%. The credit trend is down.