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There are 46 publicly traded Business Development Companies, and the BDC Reporter’s “News Of The Day” premium subscription service tracks all of them. From before the market open to after the close, the BDC Reporter identifies and reads every press release, SEC filing and relevant news story about every BDC and brings you our unique blend of news, views and analysis. Nowhere else will you get end-to-end daily coverage of the BDC market – it’s like having your personal BDC analyst always at your side.

We don’t just keep you apprised of what is going on across the sector in near real-time, but we provide insightful commentary from Editor-In-Chief Nicholas Marshi (see below) to help you assess what might move individual stocks and what might not. A BDC announces a new dividend or a capital raise or makes a Proxy filing or an insider makes a purchase or a sale and the BDC Reporter is there to provide context, analysis and conclusions that can help subscribers make the best investment decisions possible. To recoin our own phrase.This is News And Views And Analysis You Can Use.

BDC Reporter

We admit the BDC Reporter has a point of view about just every subject under the BDC sun. That’s because we’ve been full time sector investors and commentators for over a decade, and bring a huge reservoir of experience to bear on what we write. We’ve been a commercial lender; investment banker; Private Equity sponsor and, currently,BDC fund manager, over a thirty plus year career in leveraged finance.


To provide access to the widest possible audience and create a vibrant community of BDC-focused readers, we’ve deliberately chosen to offer the monthly subscription price at a highly affordable $50 a month.


Daily coverage of 46 publicly traded BDCs. Thanks to our own subscription to AlphaSense, a “revolutionary, award winning financial search engine”, we are able to keep track of every new development at every BDC, usually within seconds of publication. Our relationship with Advantage Data provides immediate access to every BDC’s investment portfolio, name by name, and with all the latest values. Armed with these tools, we’re able to identify, review and analyze every BDC news item out there.

Multiple Posts Every Day: We identify the most important stories and write posts throughout the business day in our unique combination of news gathering, analytical dissection and wry commentary. In any given month expect to have access to dozens of freshly minted articles about most every BDC out there.

Broad & Timely: The BDC Reporter’s updates usually occur well in advance of any coverage by the financial press. Yes, we write about the stories grabbing the headlines, but we also dig into a wide range of other issues affecting BDC companies that get no coverage anywhere else. Ever.

Access To The Editor: You have a question or comment? Subscribers will have access to the BDC Reporter’s editor in “live chat” mode throughout the day. We won’t tell you what to buy or sell but will be readily available to share what we know.

Bonus Feature: Every week the BDC Reporter publishes a recap of market activity for both BDC common stocks and Baby Bonds. We review price trends, highlight Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers and discuss the direction of prices across close to one hundred different BDC securities. This feature has been wildly popular on the BDC Reporter, and a preview version will be included in the premium service for our subscribers.


  • A smaller BDC issues a Proxy filing seeking shareholder approval to convert from a Texas to a Maryland jurisdiction. The BDC Reporter sums up the not-so-obvious pluses and the minuses for shareholders.
  • A well-known BDC reports results below expectations. The BDC Reporter reviews the 10-Q and predicts a 30% decrease in the distribution within 12 months. Shortly thereafter, the market price starts to drop…
  • The CEO/Chairman of a BDC unexpectedly announces his intention to change management form from being “internal” to “external”. We review the controversy and weigh in on the implications for the BDC’s future profitability and the returns to its shareholders.
  • A mid-market BDC announces seemingly decent results but the BDC Reporter reviews the 10-Q and points out credit challenges that could impact earnings in the medium term not called out in the press release or Conference Call.
  • A troubled BDC’s insiders keep buying more shares as the stock drops. A sign of confidence or is something else going on ? The BDC Reporter has been reading the filings and has a revelation or two to share.

That’s a partial list from one week. Imagine the content over a full year…


If you’re invested in the BDC sector or making plans to do so- either on your own account or on behalf of your institution- or if you’re involved as a manager, director or service provider or if you’re a journalist or academic focused on leveraged lending, we encourage you to subscribe to stay up-to-date on what’s going on across the sector and “get granular” with the BDC Reporter. We spend several hours a day generating updates and insights that are not available anywhere else and which we publish even as the BDC world turns. Some days are uneventful, but others are often jam-packed with new information, changes in direction and all the drama associated with the $60 billion plus dollars BDCs have invested in non-investment grade companies.

Please join us. BDC investing is too important, too complex and too fast moving to be left to reading occasional and episodic articles. You need your BDC News Of The Day. Every day.